About Me

Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe
- Anatole France

The most valued lesson I have taken away from travelling is to trust in the wondrous ways of the Universe. If you just relax and follow the signs you will end up in extraordinary places. I know that we cannot delay our departure just because we don't know exactly where we're going.

I have been travelling since 2008. Mostly without much of a plan or much money to spare. By now travelling has become what I do. I have ridden a horse through the Mongolian desert, I saw Orangutans in the jungle, I hitched a ride on a police bus in Borneo, I climbed mountains, swung in hammocks, ate the most amazing Food and met extraordinary people.
I also had my bag stolen on Christmas Eve, needed a dental implant in Syria, have been chased by evil monkeys, had my heart broken, lost some money to the oldest scams in the book and felt incredibly lonely at times. Its not always Sunshine and Rainbows , but its always worth it.

Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.
- Benjamin Disraeli

When I was 16 I travelled to Boston and stayed with a guest family. There is much I have forgotten about this trip, but I remember going to the Museum of Fine Arts. I stepped into this room and there it was, La Japonaise by Monet.
It was magic and I sat there for hours, captured by the brilliance of the colors, wondering about the little dwarf that seemed to have its own level of existence. He was captured in the fleeting moment. Was he angry being trapped in Madam Monet's Kimono?
I have recounted this tale many times and to be honest I probably didn't sit there for hours and my 16year old self was not nearly as sophisticated as I just made it sound. What is important though is that I never forgot the painting and that I recommend everyone to see it. It was the moment I fell in LOVE with ART.

This is going to be a rather eclectic mix of old and new travel stories, general observations about the world and all the things I love. I hope its going to be full of genuine advise for the independent traveller and even though not all I write will be accurate, it will all be true. I can tell you that there is a 15 meter tall statue of Optimus Prime outside of Kunming, which was the coolest thing I have seen in China. Suck it great wall, I sat on Optimus Primes feet. (Strangely I remember that you have to take bus no 90 from the Hump Hostel. Didn't even have to look it up in my journal.)
And I know that when the Zombie Apocalypse starts I will make my way to Lake Baikal and settle in the town of Litsvianka. Did you know that Lake Baikal holds enough Fresh Water to sustain the whole population of the Earth for 40 years, plus the area is not very populated and in the very long winter the zombies are just going to freeze. I would have to learn how to hunt, but bear with me, I am still working on this plan.

Hobo - Someone who does not have a job or a house and who moves from one place to another
- Cambridge Dictionary and Thesaurus

Before I started life as a hobo I was living in a smallish town near Frankfurt Germany. After school I was thinking about becoming a Designer and I applied to several schools, but nothing worked out. I ended up doing an internship as a Web Designer and eventually became a Film Student. I wrote my masters thesis about Television Series and formed opinions about the state of our Culture and how life, the universe, and everything is connected.
The thought of entering the "real world" of nine to five work, 1.7 Children a house and a dog, frightened me. So I packed my backpack, booked a flight to Moscow and from there crossed the lands all the way to Bali. I lived in New Zealand for a year, travelled parts of the Middle East, and lived in Australia. Went to Cook Islands, Samoa and Sri Lanka and dreamed about Canada and South America, which are next on my list.

When I first went travelling I knew I wasn't coming back. I was sure that something was going to come up along the way. I was going to be enlightened and be the only person in the world that knows exactly what it is that I am supposed to do with my live.
I had many ideas like, being a gag writer, or work with fireworks (the job is called Entertainment Technician), maybe a magician? Anything really as long as it is near the beach. I guess my job description is traveller these days and sometimes I think I do know what I am supposed to do with my life. Other times I trust that the Universe knows.