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Sunset in El Tunco


El Salvador – As Long As You’re A Tourist…

Central America is a dangerous place and El Salvador is a very dangerous place. That is about all I knew before I came. It can not be dismissed out of hand that El Salvador is a country with an extremely … Continue reading



A Crazy Big Finger – Visiting Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial

Sometimes we go to places that we have known long before we arrive. They are famous images and they are a symbol for a whole country. So when I came to look for America I made my way through the … Continue reading

Not a bad place for a swim.


Following the Beaten Path in Guatemala – Stuck in Fucking Paradise

I found it really hard to write this post. Somehow I think I did Guatemala wrong. Thinking back I feel like most of my experiences there were somewhat insipid and vacuous. I got sucked into following the beaten Path, the … Continue reading

In Damascus I came across a strange fair.


Memories of Syria

In light of recent events I have been thinking a lot about Syria. I travelled through Syria in 2010 just month before it all blew up. When we go travel we want to remember every bit of the experience. We … Continue reading

Lily Pad on the Rio Dulce


Adventures in Guatemala – Clown Cars, Sweet Rivers and Trash Talk

After exploring the magnificent Maya ruins of Tikal I make my way down south. I arrive at the bus station in Santa Elena and before I know it several guys are yelling at me eagerly pointing at their respective Colectivo … Continue reading

Two Medicine Lake and Mount Sinopah


Glacier National Park – A Magic Place

When I hitchhike around the States I feel that people in general are very scared. When I get in a car the first question was usually “Are you not scared?”. I was just thinking: “Are you?”. Then they ask me … Continue reading